Elegy for Emma Swan

Day 23
Poem 23

Apiary Lit had prompts about fandom today, and the defining fandom of the past few years of my life has been Once Upon a Time. I finally officially cut ties with the fandom this weekend, which was surprisingly hard.

Elegy for Emma Swan

You dress for mourning
but you’re not yet cold.
I can see the blood running
through the thin tissue
of your arms. You’re all
arteries and bones these days.
But you aren’t sick, you aren’t
going anywhere. This is just bad
humours, bad vapors, melancholia,
something for women from long ago
who buttoned themselves up
to the neck like you. Tell me
again to let you leave
but I won’t listen. I will tether
us together, to this world,
fill you with my own heartbeat,
dress you in red too garish
for a funeral, make you stay.


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