Name the Colors

Day 16
Poem 16

Got a few days behind on posting but I’ve still been writing!

This is based on a prompt about colors. I was thinking about color names for things like nail polish and how creative and strange those can be. And then it dawned on me: crayons. The 1992-1993 Crayola contest to name several new colors came at a time in my life that I’ve mostly forgotten about due to trauma, but those crayons still stand out to me.

Name the Colors

There was a time before robin’s egg blue,
before tickle me pink and purple mountain’s
majesty, before even macaroni and cheese.
I don’t remember life before, only
the moment they were born. When I drew you
pictures for your hospital room
all those years ago, as my world
collapsed, what did I do about the lack
of razzmatazz? My memories are in concrete
and brick red, unsharpened. But the Big Box,
that I remember, so many crayons named
by kids my age who could think about color,
who weren’t caught up in worries
and words, who would remember forever
the day the paper wrappers were marked
with their names, permanent,
still going.


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