Day 15
Poem 15

I ran into this story on my Facebook feed and wandered into the comments after I read it. Someone said something about this trope dating back to Cassandra of Greek mythology, so I went and read up on her again.

TW: allusions to rape


Irresistible is a terrible word, one that means
curses and misfortunes falling fast and wet
like raindrops only because I dared to have
a face. It means he had no choice, gods will be
boys. And after the trial, after they list
all the reasons this was my own fault, after
they tell me my face evokes lies, not beauty,
I become a danger to others, overdramatic,
a ruiner or men with potential. No one can resist
telling me so. When I speak, when I try to fix
the world that’s broken me, they say not all gods.
I send them prophecies and they return them
with notes scribbled on the back, promises
or blood and fire.


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