Breaking News

Day 14
Poem 14

Today I pulled some words at random from a few books and shaped them into this.

Breaking News

I’m tired of ping-ponging my head
between what I know and reasoning
that eludes me. Hell, this is no way
to start a morning, or end.
But the relentless scrawl rolls on
endless, claims backed with impossible
numbers and something something Mexico,
full of gray men grasping for control.
And me, defiantly reluctant. What
can I say to shift the slant
when facts are no longer obvious?
I wonder how it is to be you,
taking off your glasses so you can’t
see, pressing onward relentlessly,
singing hallelujah.

(Words used: broke, ping-pong, head, eludes, hell, number, Mexico, gray, control, defiantly, reluctant, slant, obviously, glasses, press, and hallelujah)


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