Small, Unmanned

Day 13
Poem 13

Today’s Apiary prompts were all about mixing mundane and specific language. I ended up deciding to use some terms from my day job, which involves editing aviation documents.

Small, Unmanned

I have my concerns
about the duration of this solo flight.
I can PIC this up
on my own but some days I just want relief;
days when I FRZ,
when nothing is completed, I wonder
if I was ever meant
to carry out this operation. Perhaps
I’m better grounded.
The fatigue of navigation, of weighing
& balancing,
searching for some sign of the center
of gravity,
putting out these lithium-ion fires
of my own making
and fighting to stay Airworthy.
I keep a logbook
of my misadventures. Like any other girl
I wonder if
I’m at fault, if I’m too jettisonable,
just a winch.


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