The Act

Day 11
Poem 11

Inspired by this new bill in North Carolina.

The Act

Whereas I am a woman; and
Whereas I have loved women; and
Whereas I have fucked them, too; and
Whereas I know as well as you do, better than you do, how they feel on your tongue, how they taste; and
Whereas I’ve fucked them in basements and attics and cars; and
Whereas this has nothing to do with sex, anyway; and
Whereas this is about so much more than that; and
Whereas the United States Constitution promises to secure the Blessings of Liberty; and
Whereas you can be anything when you grow up; and
Whereas I had the full Barbie wedding set with even Stacy and Todd and I wore my mother’s white hat; and
Whereas I still never dreamed of a wedding; and
Whereas I opened my eyes when I was almost grown up; and
Whereas I wanted to give the first girl I fucked a ring on her 25th birthday; and
Whereas I no longer know her and have to buy rings for myself; and
Whereas someday that might change; and
Whereas there might be a woman who sticks; and
Whereas no marriage is historical that happens in the someday; Now, therefore,


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