Day 9
Poem 9

This was inspired from Apiary Lit’s mourning prompt. I’ve written poems about several Emerald City characters so far but hadn’t hit on my absolute favorite, West, and I liked how the storage of a witch’s magic in a reliquary mirrors collecting tears in a lachrymatory.

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was about the number 9, so I used 9 words per line.


I mourn you in the ancient way, sister. My tears
have gone dirty but I hope they will suffice.
I don’t sing you to cause a scene, sister,
only to put you somewhere safe. In the wake
of destruction you and I would catch tears together,
sister, my fingers latching onto yours as we searched
rubble for anything left to bury. So many bottles,
so many tears. We poured them out together, sister,
let the lost ones vanish into the wind. But
I catch my tears for you, sister, and pin
your vial closed. I will never let you go.


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