Day 7
Poem 7

Apiary Lit had several villain-themed prompts today. I love villains, but I’ve written so many witches and evil queens. Instead, I decided to delve into Supergirl’s various foes. There will eventually be several poems about characters who are viewed as villains despite having the best intentions. This one is Lena Luthor.


I will build something epic
with these two hands. Cloak myself
in solitude, nothing
but me and the machines.
Twist wires, red and blue
as the ones beneath my skin.
Coax digits to life. Hide
a kill switch deep but
not because I want one,
only because I like the way
kill switch feels
on my tongue. Reach
for the sun, or down
to the molten core.
I don’t want to burn
the world down. I simply
want to know that I can,
to bring you handsful
of ashes and say are you
proud? Have I finally
done enough?


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