That Peculiar Accepting Smile

Day 5
Poem 5

I used a newspaper-based prompt today and went flipping through Sunday’s Washington Post to find something to use. I ended up picking out a sports article, “In afterglow of a classic, one more hurdle for ‘LittleBit'” by Sally Jenkins (online under a different title). All of the words belong to Jenkins aside from the quote, which came from Geno Auriemma. I found that quote really provocative, especially next to all of this language of smallness.

That Peculiar Accepting Smile

He grasped the smallest like a doll,
drew her close to say in her ear
“You deserve everything coming
your way.” Frankly,
so inevitable: this morning-after
perception, sadness in her eyes,
pitiably overmatched. Yet
with time expiring
she drove through the heart, a shot
that sank the wicked. Consider
it erased.


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