Elegy for a 2013 Alfred Angelo Sleeping Beauty Wedding Dress

Day 3
Poem 3

Today’s prompt was an elegy. I wanted to mourn the sense of comfort that I’ve lost in the past year. So this is an elegy for the days before the 2016 election.

Elegy for a 2013 Alfred Angelo Sleeping Beauty Wedding Dress

my father says that I am never getting married
and I believe it now that I’m thirty
in a new world. I believe the right will slip
through my fingers before any Ms. Right
appears. What I’ve lost is no lifelong dream,
but we had a few good years together.
Avery and I only lasted a few good weeks
but we planned our Disney wedding.
It’s been forever since I said goodbye
to her. But today is goodbye
to the Sleeping Beauty dress
with the tiny white flowers and the lacing
up the back and the soft fall
of tulle. I never even liked
Sleeping Beauty. If only I could sleep now
without the constant pinging of bad news,
all bad for months besides one
grateful story about Nintendo. If only
I could dream, but the world, waking,
is too strange. If only I could
stop reading, stop caring, stop thinking, stop
the queasiness I’ve come to call
my companion. Perhaps it will stay legal
to marry my anxiety.


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