Day 2
Poem 2

Today’s prompt was to write a recipe. I’m not feeling great today, so focus is not on my side. Maybe I will revisit this prompt another day. Instead, here are instructions on how not to make a recipe, inspired by more Emerald City characters.


You cannot replicate this, child,
not without these hands, without
herbs fresh from my garden only.
There are no pinches here, no sprigs
or dashes – precision is the utmost.
One wrong move and the mixture may curdle
and then where would you be? No,
best I brew it for you, best I stay
by your side forever. It tastes sweeter
from my hand. It needs me.
You need me. Don’t ask
too many questions, child,
like what it’s for, what’s wrong
with you, what happens without
your daily dosage. Just hold out
your tongue and rely on me. I alone
can save you, now and always.


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