Cabinet of Curiosities

Day 1
Poem 1

NaPoWriMo 2017!

Today’s prompt was based on the style of Kay Ryan, but I was struggling since I didn’t know what to write about. Fortunately, I have Ryan’s Elephant Rocks from a poetry class a few years ago, so I got it and looked through the poems I had dog-eared for discussion. “The Cabinet of Curiosities” was one of them, and it immediately brought to mind the Cabinet of Curiosities room in the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit. So this poem is inspired by that exhibit (with a touch of Dr. Jane Andrews from Emerald City) and has short lines inspired by Ryan’s style.

Cabinet of Curiosities

This room cries
madman, collector
of oddities, broken
things lined up
in an order
no one else can
decipher. Beauty
only to the owner.
Salvaged, cobbled,
methodical, some
of it prosthetic:
a peg leg, carved,
a tick-tock heart,
gilded masks, balsa
wings, skin-tight
armor. Some of it


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