Day 28
Poem 28

I took a lot of whacks at the backwards story prompt, apparently. This one is inspired by Princesses Behaving Badly, a book I’ve been reading bit by bit. Most of the details are based on a short excerpt about Princess Louise, but I’ve borrowed a little from the princesses in her section of the book.


She sold her story last, because it was all she had.
She sold every last sock. Every undergarment
and every over. Her simplest things. Perfume.
Her furs. Her jewels. You can’t live
on love alone. Everyone told her that.
In Paris, wit h her lover, she spent everything
but love. They ran to Paris together in the dark.
He eventually came to her bedroom. He came
to her window. He wrote her letters.
They looked at each other across her husband’s court.
Her husband, who had a lover. Her husband,
who didn’t love her. She scowled the whole wedding through.
He was too old, had too much beard. She was given
no choice. Her father listened to no one but himself.
She told her father she’d never marry. Her mother
only listened to her horses. She told her mother
she’d never marry. What a spirited child, Louise.


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