Day 28
Poem 27

My first attempt at the backwards story prompt. I was interested by how a backwards story makes things seem so much more tragic for the villain. So here is Snow White’s Evil Queen.


Except the witch, everyone in the kingdom was happy.
At the wedding, they all laughed at her anguish,
all tears and burning flesh. It hurt less
when she danced, so she danced.
They fastened the iron shoes tight around her ankles,
chains like ribbons. They roasted the soles
over the fire. She deserved to be punished, that was
the agreement. She’d committed so many crimes.
She’s poisoned a trusting girl for the third time.
She was driven mad. She ate the heart of a stag
when her huntsman brought it. She ordered him
to do what he did best. She was less beautiful
than she’d once been. She was only a stepmother
because she was beautiful.


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