How to Restyle Your Lavinia Doll

Day 19
Poem 19

I have gotten into dolls recently – just one more poem to go before I get to open my Ever After High Holly O’Hair! I’ve been watching a lot of tutorials on how to style their hair, so when I saw today’s how-to prompt, I thought it would be a good subject. There’s something kind of violent about the whole process, especially when I remove their hands to make it easier to remove tight sleeves and bracelets. I was reminded of Lavinia from Titus Andronicus, so I decided to use her as my doll for this poem.

How to Restyle Your Lavinia Doll

Strip her down. Note her small breasts, the curve of her ribs. Press down on her hands until they break from her wrists. Dip a cotton swab in alcohol and rub away her mouth. Blank her face completely. Hold her head under boiling water and count to twenty. Repeat. Leave her overnight to dry, alone and cold and naked. In the morning, paint a new face, one that suits you, with lips that can’t open and eyes that can’t shut. Dress her. Keep her hands. Put them in a bag with all the hands of all the dolls before her. Pose her on your shelf, arms hidden behind her skirt so no one will see she’s unfinished.


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