They Don’t Believe

Day 18
Poem 18

This one is inspired by the homophobic comments on the Once Upon a Time Facebook page, as well as homophobic comments elsewhere.

They Don’t Believe

They don’t believe in us. Does that mean
we stop existing? Some morning I’ll wake
naked in your arms and find you blurred
from sleep, blink my eyes clear and see
that this is real, you’re fading, your edges
slowly disintegrating. You shed cells faster
than they can grown and I try to gather them
up. You say don’t go, you say if I will die
for loving you I want you by my side
. I can’t sit
waiting. I bottle your shadow, braid your hair
so that it stays as one when it falls away.
I gather all the children in this mean city
and bring them to the street beneath this room
where I first undid you. Come to the window,
show your undefined face. We will clap
and clap until we bleed and shout we do
believe in homosexuality


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