Back to Kansas

Day 18
Poem 17

Inspired by last night’s Once Upon a Time – both Dorothy’s experiences once she returned to Kansas and the anti-gay backlash that followed the episode.

Back to Kansas
There is no home, not anymore. Around the dinner table
you speak of magic, eyes glistening with hope
or tears. They call you a liar, a sinner and send you
to bed hungry like a child. The world looks different
now that you’ve learned to see it. In the dark alone
you draw fantastic creatures on your own skin
with slow fingertips. When you wake, nothing
has changed. They ask why you refuse to be the girl
they want of you, and you wish you could lie
to make them happy. But you run, run out
into the fields, until the world goes flat and only sky
surrounds you. Tilt your face towards the sun,
throw up your arms and beg the wind to take you.


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