In this town

Day 16
Poem 15

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt, the Almanac Questionnaire, asked a series of questions about a place real or imagined. I took a few of the more interesting questions and created this place.

In this town
no bedtime story ends in Happily Ever After. They have no endings
and if the parents drop off to sleep first, the children must tell
and tell until all the house is quiet. In this town all the pennies
on the street are turned tails up but people pocket them all the same,
carry them three minutes and then place them on the pavement, careful.
If you wish to keep one, you’d best hide it in your mouth or behind
your ear to avoid the tell-tale jingling of pockets. In this town
people keep newspaper racks on their porches and check them each day,
clipping out coupons and personal ads. And all the postboxes
wait by the bus stations, flags up, hanging open so those who pass
will take a letter to read on their journey. In this town everyone drifts
towards the central square because all the streets slant down
and the hills beyond the border are filled with whispers.
In this town all the graffiti knows its place and the buildings
curve sideways so not to be too tall. In this town the raindrops
on the windows form letters but the letters don’t form words.
In this town, no bedtime stories end


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