And he was such a promising young wolf

Day 12
Poem 11

I’ve been having a lot of trouble putting my anger about women’s issues into words, but I took a stab at the dismissive things people continue to say about rape cases.

And he was such a promising young wolf
If you ask me which you didn’t but if you ask me we should really blame the mother
who ought to know better. A girl on the road alone
is bound to attract attention even at noon. I’ll concede that the cloak was wise,
the better to cover her up so she won’t be a temptation,
but if only it hadn’t been red. Red with that short skirt? And those almost-breasts?
She looks mature for her age. It’s very misleading.
And why didn’t she fight? Why didn’t she run away home? She said
she ran on towards her Granny’s cottage
(why an old woman would live in such an isolated place is beyond me,
and with no good locks) but later confessed
to picking flowers on the way. Her story seems different in each retelling
and while the Woodsman makes a credible witness
I have to wonder if he just stumbled upon a consensual devouring.
You know how girls are, how often they cry wolf.


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