Party of One

Day 11
Poem 10

Just a little something based on this weekend. 10 poems down!

Party of One
It’s best to have first dates in bookstores
if only to get her used to the idea that I hoard books,
alphabetize and categorize and rearrange them, adopt
the old and crumbly and forget to rehabilitate them,
keep them for years without reading them,
carry them in my purse no matter how heavy.
Today I left my book at home. Today I have no date,
first or otherwise. I have no book so I listen
instead to the woman beside me recounting a first date
gone wrong. I don’t say I too have had terrible dates,
many right here in this drafty lean-to café. I don’t say
I too only date women, terrible or otherwise.
I don’t say you should have brought her to a bookstore
like maybe that would fix things. I don’t speak.
I feel strange enough for being just one
so I leave the money, the mocha dregs, the bookshelves
and run.


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