Day 8
Poem 7

Not crazy about this title, but I don’t have anything else right now.

The inspiration for this poem came from two different places. I started with thinking about the NaPoWriMo prompt for today, which is about flowers. I was helping a coworker try to determine if the DC cherry blossoms were still in bloom, and I settled on them. It’s so interesting that so many people come from so far around just to see something that fragile and short-lived. I didn’t really want to write about actual flowers, though. So I got thinking about the newest Ever After High webisode, which is based on The 12 Dancing Princesses.


I don’t sleep anymore, just close my eyes and listen:
the slippered padding of your quick steps, the rustle
of your nightgown, the hum in your throat.
You follow invisible music down, down
like your sisters before you, too far gone to hear me
creep beside you. I’m grateful for this,
my speed, my stealth.

The story goes that men trailed you, stepping
on your hem, wanting beautiful wives and shining crowns
and failing. But I follow out of fear for you
not want. You are so delicate, translucent,
trembling as you dance your soles thin,
waiting for a strong wind to blow you away.
I will blow you home.


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