reasons to hate

Day 2
Poem 2

I went through several different prompts today but ended up settling on an erasure poem. I went searching through all of those thinkpieces about how awful Millennials are and ended up with “Five really good reasons to hate millennials” by Christopher Ingraham of the Washington Post. iCloud is taking too long to transfer my photos from my phone, so here’s the typed out version. It’s got a bit of a political bent and has nothing at all to do with Millennials.

reasons to hate

hate is justified
in the wild           borderlands
I wish
for the right
to nothing more than
plenty of good reasons


I went to great trouble to
prove, indisputably,

a different story.

has not yet come true

had a hard time recognizing
unequivocally discredited

who will bear the cost of this


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